Biodanza ~ a core workshop

Biodanza ~ a core workshop

“Embrace your mastery”


On 28 October 2018


In this one day workshop we focus on what is closest to us.

By surrendering to the music, we discover through our movements how we move, how we feel about it, how wonderful it is to get out of our heads and just feel good again. Gone are the stiff legs, the stiff neck and shoulders, and gone are the headaches. You will experience yourself and the others… Enjoying the moments of rediscovery of who you truly are …


The energy of semi-precious stones will help us in strengthening those aspects in ourselves, such that we can feel ever more empowered in our lives.


This means that as we are willing to permit our own energy to merge with the energy of the semi-precious stone, we can feel stronger and stronger in the core of our being.




Anne Claire has been fascinated by stones from a very young age. Early on, she found her treasures mostly in the forest, or on the beach. Later she became more interested in semi-precious stones, partly because of their wonderful colors, yet also because she could use those in the Mystical Jewelry and Energy Arts she creates.


Mai Lan Peg also felt attracted to stones from a very early age and has collected them for a long time. To her, the road to the semi-precious stones was self-evident. Those she collected at the time in her studio Cunucu Arte, where she also immersed herself in the art of healing with stones.


In addition, she is a didactic facilitator in Biodanza. This way, the idea came up to give a workshop together with Anne Claire, in which the energy of the stone that suits you best, can help you to fully express yourself in this workshop.


Date: 28 October 2018

Place: Centrum Oostraven, Oostravenweg 5, Epe

Time: from 10.30 – 17.30 hours

Cost: € 50,—


For more information, or to sign up:


T: 06 51 29 48 58 Mai Lan Peg

T: 06 283 293 73 Anne Claire



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