• Dancing to express yourself!  
  • Dancing to feel!
  • Dancing to connect!

Biodanza offers you the opportunity to connect from the heart.  With yourself, with other people, with All, the universe!  By experiencing music, by starting to move, to dance and coming into contact with a gentle appreciation.  Dancing gives space for feeling and emotion and quieten our thinking.  It amplifies the way you experience your vitality, creativity, affectivity, sensuality and transcendence.  Biodanza wants to bring more spontaneity, pleasure, happiness and love into your everyday life!!

All that is required is to allow your body to experience its own movements.  Dance your own dance of life!

Biodanza is a reflection of life itself.  Bio stands for life and danza means dancing, a life dance.  Music touches the inner being and encourages movement, dancing.  By fully experiencing all aspects of the self, you find the full enjoyment and happiness of living in the moment.

Biodanza is facilitated in Epe, Harderwijk, Zwolle with Mai Lan Peg, occasionally with Marjolein van der Kruijff and Ryan Ip.

Biodanza, Dance of Life


An Impression of Biodanza


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