Workshop with Antonio Sarpe (July 2 and 3 2016)


This is a proposal to develop integration based on the experiences induced by the dances of African-Brazilian archetypes. The myths reveal human necessity to celebrate life and the sacredness of nature. The African-Brazilian archetypes talk about earth and sky, fire, air, sea and rivers, because these archetypes are the product of human experience and the natural world. The connection with archetypes is very moving, because it releases a more
powerful voice than our own, a force that comes from our ancestors. Rescuing the archetypal images of the alchemical process in connection with the collective unconscious, performing dances and ceremonies of African-Brazilian archetypes allows a bodily dimension for the transmutation process.
The integration of the archetypes is actually a “manifestation in the body of the powerful force of myths and existential transformations arises from the inner self”.

African-Brazilian archetypes are the embodiment of the force of nature. Evoking and dancing these archetypes triggers archetypal experiences that induce the expansion of identity.

LOCATION: De Boskapel, Laan van Beek en Royen 45a, 3701 AK ZeistBoskapel zeist

TIME: both days from 11:00 until 18:00 h

€ 140 (advanced payment
€ 50 at registration, not refundable),
to be transferred to account IBAN PT50 0033 0000 4527 1500 8890 5 of Antonio José Sarpe (SWIFT / BIC: BCOMPTPL)

Tel. +31 6 10 80 71 84 René Sarbach
Tel. +31 6 51 29 48 48 Mai Lan Peg
Tel. +31 6 21 80 19 13 Helen

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