Mai Lan Peg

The global move from East to West was a major change for her and her family. At eight years old her schooling in Indonesia stopped and continued in the Netherlands.Peg2

She mainly worked in the business sector, mostly as an advisor or project – and interim manager in general management, public relations and marketing, advertising, public affairs and human resources.

Transformation to the dance world was after years of illness within the family. The essence of life became progressively clearer to her as she realized the importance of caring for one’s health and well-being.

Mai Lan Peg is a nature lover living close to nature and feels closely connected to the source of life. She experiences that expressing oneself by way of movement has a healing result. Her first acquaintance with dance therapy was sufficient to decide to become a dance therapy teacher. Experiences in sacred dance invited her to become a sacred dance teacher. Also the discovery of Biodanza, leads her to become a facilitator. Biodanza is a dance system which brought her rebirthing and feeling fully human in every sense of the word and being able to enjoy life at the fullest.

Starting in Biodanza school Rotterdam directed by Catherine and Gerry Havinga. She also participated in different training modules at schools in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris and Johannesburg.

Peg: “Biodanza has brought me a great deal. It is beyond description how the life philosophy of Rolando has awakened my awareness of myself as a human being; how I started to feel every cell in my body. It is truly like coming home within myself, developing being my own best friend even further … this is a continuous journey of discovery for me. Sharing these treasures with others, gives me even more enjoyment as well compassion for all living.”

Learning of Life in Biodanza was originally for her personnel growth and development. Later because it had brought her so much, she liked to share this experiences with others, also in facilitating.


Peg is passionate about dancing. Next to Biodanza she is also involved in dance therapy and sacral dancing. Other passions are sound therapy, crystal healing, massage and other holistic energy approaches like Reiki and Shambala and massage. These passions bring inspirations expressing in intuitive painting, creating jewelry with semi-precious stones, decorations with plant-based materials, writing and poetry and such.

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