What is Biodanza and what is its origin?Rolando

Roland Toro Areneda from Chile developed Biodanza in his experiences and knowledge as a psychologist, medical anthropologist and poet and painter. His bio centric system is founded all over the world in approximately 50 countries.
Biodanza’s aim is integration of wholeness of the human being. This system creates space and a safe environment to fully experience your true and real identity in the most optimal way. Which lead to true connection with Life and all living beings in a harmonious way, the experience of Oneness. All is one. Scientific research has proved the positive influence in the general well-being of the immune system.

Biodanza is a reflection of life itself. The blend of music and movement encourages you to dance. This fusion is internalized and touches inner feelings and emotions. You fully experience living in the moment. It makes you happy and even sets other cares aside.

Biodanza is facilitated in Epe, Harderwijk, Zwolle with Mai Lan Peg. Occasionally with Marjolein van der Kruijff and Ryan Ip.

The weeklies are facilitated by Mai Lan Peg occasionally Marjolein and Ryan.

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