Deepening your source trust and love for life!


Awakening awareness of the connection with your origins. Exploring the four elements :

earth, water, fire, air. Integration in your being will contribute to inner peace and harmony. Open possibilities to transform.


Morning workshops for those who enlisted from 10.00 – 12.30 h.

Open Evening workshops Biodanza and self awareness introduction, how to energize the body with Paul, free dance with Dj with special interest in music of the sixties and seventies.

see for details “Pleasure as a life fountain” and ask for more information

by site, e-mail for flyer, travel information, hotel information or

call 0031 6 51 29 48 58 Mai or

0031  6 20 39 79 34 Ferdi



A true encounter in paradise Veli Iz “Pleasure as a life fountain”

Enjoy life, with pleasure as a life fountain!


children know how to live spontaneously by heart, to be in the moment.

Realize what holds you back. So…let go and enjoy!


Morning workshops from 10.00 – 12.30 a.m. for those who have enlisted.

Open Evening workshops, Biodanza with singing and live music with Mai, Ferdi and Maartje.


Info and contact

E-mail Ask for flyer, introduction  workshops and travel guidance

T 0031 651 29 48 58 Mai Lan Peg and 0031 6 20 39 79 34 Ferdi/

Verdieping van je oerkracht schenkt je vertrouwen en liefde voor het leven !



Biodanza op een idyllisch Veli Iz in Kroatië

van 20 – 27 juli 2019


De bron ervaren maakt je bewust van je oorsprong, ontdek hoe de vier elementen aarde, water, vuur en lucht bijdragen aan de dynamiek en je innerlijke balans. Integratie brengt harmonie, waardoor je je open kunt stellen voor veranderingen.


Besloten ochtend workshops van zondag tot en met vrijdag van 10.00 – 12.30 uur. In de avond vrije workshops met

facilitator Mai Lan Peg met assistentie van Paul ( lichaamsbewustzijns oefeningen) en Eric ( djee) Open biodanza workshops

met ook vrije feest avonden.


voor kosten, reserveringen en aanmeldingen, reisinformatie zie gegevens bij Plezier als levensfontien

Plezier als levensfontein juli 2019 op Veli Iz

Biodanza idyllische zomervakantie op het eiland Iz aan de Adria zee in Kroatië


Leer meer van het leven te genieten vanuit de spontaniteit van het kind die impulsief vanuit het hart en het moment weet te leven. Ontdek wat je tegenhoudt en laat het los!


Besloten ochtendworkshops van zondag tot en met vrijdagochtend van 10.00 – 12.30 uur. In de avond open Biodanza workshops met zang en live muziek :

facilitatoren zijn Mai Lan Peg en Ferdi Scholten. en Maartje Lindhout voor de sound.


Kosten € 200,- per week per persoon.

Kiest u voor twee weken dan is het € 350,- per persoon.

Voor de kleine beurs is aanpassing mogelijk. Levenspartners kunnen een aanspraak maken op een reductie van 20% per koppel. Een reductie van 10% is mogelijk op de kosten van de workshop wanneer je iemand aandraagt.


Reservering van een kamer of een tent:

rechtstreeks met het hotel Korinjak:

1-pers.kamer € 67,- pd en € 469,- pw

2-pers. kamer € 65,- pd, € 455,- pp pw

in eigen tent € 280,- pw, tenthuur € 8,- pd

toeristenbelasting € 1,20 pp p n incl. btw


Zomervakanties op Iz zijn erg populair, boek zo snel mogelijk!


Zie E

T 00385 – (0) 23 – 277 – 064 mob 00385 91 157 2882


Inschrijving en contact

E of via de sites of

T 0031 651294858 Mai Lan peg

T 0031 620 39 79 34  Ferdi




Becoming Aware of your Origin

Becoming Aware of your Origin


Biodanza ~ working with Angels

on 7 (evening), 8, and 9 December 2018

Center Oostraven, Epe


As you learn, in all simplicity, to enter the silence of your heart, you may begin to understand some of what the visible and invisible universe holds: the compassionate heartbeat, and harmony. You become aware of other creatures; people, animals, plants, and nature. When the heart is filled with compassion, you transcend the limits of common knowledge, and you will be closest to Angels.


The way to perceive these things is to find the source within yourself, to know within your heart. From this consciousness the “Christ consciousness” arises, in which you may experience the Divine within yourself, and in the cosmos. Then the Angels are not far from us! A view into the heavens, while you still live here on earth. Only through an enhanced understanding of yourself can you begin to comprehend these aspects in the universe.


When you live with an open mind, and come into harmony with higher realms, you will see beauty all around you, and may have the urge to create something creative or artistic. Nature inspires us with its beauty. In this weekend workshop “Biodanza ~ working with Angels” we will experience our fist dances toward these realms. Perhaps these new perspectives can even help us in our day-to-day lives.


Angels are here to serve and help us. True service lies in the recognition of the interconnectedness of life. Angels are all about the soul of things, and therefore are fully aware of the qualities that the soul makes known.


Facilitators in Biodanza are Mai Lan Peg and Ferdi Scholten


Both have from an early age on, experienced a confidence in life, commitment, and gentleness for all of humanity, and for All that is… And with this, they want to contribute to the cosmic plan.


Music: Maartje Lindhout and Pia Brand, with voice and sound.

Maartje: ”Angels can be felt more clearly, when you become quiet in yourself. Traveling on sounds of instruments from around the world, you bring your focus inside, for a meeting with yourself “”

Pia: ”For me, music and sound are universal, connecting and healing. Voice and sound warms the heart, heals us, and brings us to a greater (source) awareness. A feeling of coming home in a gentle, loving and natural manner”



Place: Oostraven, Center for Personal Development

Oostraven weg 5, 8162 PJ Epe



Accommodation p.p.p.n. € 42,50, including breakfast (limited accommodation available; first come, first serve).

Dinner on Saturday € 12,50

Full weekend workshop: € 135,00 (€ 125,00 for early birds registering before October 15, 2018). A non-refundable deposit of € 60,00 reserves your place. The full weekend workshop includes five workshops and concerts.


Pot luck lunches on Saturday and Sunday; repas espagnole. Bring your favorite dish to treat yourself and share with others!


The workshop starts Friday evening 18.30 hours, with a welcome and introductory evening, and to make yourself comfortable in your room/accommodation.


Total payment for the full weekend workshop, dinner and accommodation is due no later than November 15, 2018.

Please make your payment to the account of “Stichting Shangri La”.

Reference: “dynamisch bewustzijn dec 2018”


Please be aware that there is limited availability.


For more information, or to sign up:



T 06 153 60 815 Rikie

T 06 51 29 48 58 Mai Lan Peg

T 06 20397934 Ferdi


Relax and feel your freedom through movement on ‘Oostraven’, enjoying the beautiful nature of this magical place on the Veluwe in the Netherlands


Dance your Light!


( blokje Rolando Toro Engelen in Biodanza )

Biodanza ~ a core workshop

Biodanza ~ a core workshop

“Embrace your mastery”


On 28 October 2018


In this one day workshop we focus on what is closest to us.

By surrendering to the music, we discover through our movements how we move, how we feel about it, how wonderful it is to get out of our heads and just feel good again. Gone are the stiff legs, the stiff neck and shoulders, and gone are the headaches. You will experience yourself and the others… Enjoying the moments of rediscovery of who you truly are …


The energy of semi-precious stones will help us in strengthening those aspects in ourselves, such that we can feel ever more empowered in our lives.


This means that as we are willing to permit our own energy to merge with the energy of the semi-precious stone, we can feel stronger and stronger in the core of our being.




Anne Claire has been fascinated by stones from a very young age. Early on, she found her treasures mostly in the forest, or on the beach. Later she became more interested in semi-precious stones, partly because of their wonderful colors, yet also because she could use those in the Mystical Jewelry and Energy Arts she creates.


Mai Lan Peg also felt attracted to stones from a very early age and has collected them for a long time. To her, the road to the semi-precious stones was self-evident. Those she collected at the time in her studio Cunucu Arte, where she also immersed herself in the art of healing with stones.


In addition, she is a didactic facilitator in Biodanza. This way, the idea came up to give a workshop together with Anne Claire, in which the energy of the stone that suits you best, can help you to fully express yourself in this workshop.


Date: 28 October 2018

Place: Centrum Oostraven, Oostravenweg 5, Epe

Time: from 10.30 – 17.30 hours

Cost: € 50,—


For more information, or to sign up:


T: 06 51 29 48 58 Mai Lan Peg

T: 06 283 293 73 Anne Claire



Biodanza vakantie Tederheid van 14-21 juli a.s.

Kom naar het prachtige eiland Veliz Iz in Kroatie,

ter hoogte van de monopolistische stad Zadar ( + vluchthaven)


de grootste kracht van Liefde is tederheid. Stel je open voor dit bijzondere proces ook in en door jou te transformeren..

facilitatoren in Biodanza Mai Lan Peg en Benoit ;

lichaamsbewustzijn in het lichaam energetiseren met speelse oefeningen met begeleiding van Paul, een paar keer per week.


Centrum voor zelfontwikkeling Korinjak  biedt halfpension, inclusief vrije activiteiten als meditatie, yoga, klankbad ( + gift) , boottochtjes ( + kleine bijdrage) en nog veel meer..Het eten is heerlijk, biologisch verbouwd en vegetarisch. De dorpskern biedt een aantal gevarieerde restaurantjes en terrasjes en winkeltjes aan.

E-mail en vraag onze folder en reisinformatie aan. Ryan Air biedt zeer voordelige vluchten aan.

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